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How To Sleep Well Here Is The Right Advice

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Sleeping well is essential to tackle daily tasks with the right concentration and clarity. Being able to sleep at least 8 hours straight without a break also promotes good humor.

Often, however, the sleep is disturbed by worries, trouble breathing, anxiety. It can be said that March is the month of insomnia for excellence due to the change of season and the time change that puts a strain on the resumption of normal rhythm.

A recent article in the Press. it reports the results of an American study that show that lack of sleep disorders also cause serious diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease.

But not only, by analyzing a sample of people who have slept for a short time it was found that the lack of are has devastating effects also on genes with a strong alteration of the chemical processes that regulate the functioning of the human body.

How then can sleep well and wake up fresh and rested and sufficient? You first need to eat very lightly for dinner, so avoid sauces, dips and foods that may be poorly digested and disrupt sleep and avoid coffee and stimulants including alcohol, which can disrupt sleep.

Spray your pillow with lavender essential oil before going to sleep and enjoy a nightcap at the lime or hawthorn calmly, must become your evening ritual, a bit 'like the bedtime story for children.

Try to go to sleep at the same time to avoid altering your own pace. The room temperature should not be too hot, not too cold, about 18 degrees to get to sleep, at least at this time.

Fall asleep in complete darkness to facilitate the production of melatonin, and if that's not enough, you take the supplements of this substance.

How about a hot bath before slipping under the covers? Melt the oils of lavender in the warm water and relax!

Take regular exercise and constant will also help you sleep, but be careful, do not play sports in the evening because you might get the opposite effect.

Avoid looking at programs like violent movies or action before going to sleep, relax by reading something quiet and sweet dreams!

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